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Sharing Christ's Compassion for Ukraine and beyond!
The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever (Ps 138:8).

Dear Prayer Partners:

Two months have zoomed by since my last update!  I have traveled from Odessa, Ukraine to Princeton WV to Harrisburg PA.  I signed a lease for a new apartment, bought furniture, unpacked boxes, supplied the kitchen, wept many tears over leaving my ministry and family in Ukraine, set up my office at ABWE International Headquarters (IHQ), unpacked more boxes, got my  PA driver’s license and registered my car, cried more tears over huge changes in my life, and prayed much for God’s peace and guidance in this new adventure. Change is never easy, is it?  I am still a full-time missionary, but my daily work has changed greatly, as has my address. However, my God has not changed! He continues to work in me to “perfect” me—mature me, complete His plan for me, grow me to become more like Christ.  He saved my life in January for a purpose, so I am eager to see what He will do through me in this new position!

I am now officially the ABWE Medical Director of International Missionary Healthcare.  That is a mouthful, isn’t it? You can see why usually we say simply “Medical Director”! My focus is caring for the health of 1000 ABWE missionaries serving in more than 60 countries around the world. My vision is to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of ABWE missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission by optimizing their personal health status. How can I accomplish that? By being available to answer health questions by phone/email/Skype/personal meetings, assisting them in medical emergencies, guiding them through health screening regularly, and engaging with ABWE administration to form policies that protect and care for them. As a family physician, I care the whole person—God created us as multidimensional beings where problems in one area greatly impact the others: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and social.  

I left Ukraine May 3 I promised you a prayer letter focused on our pro-life ministry, but that will need to wait for my next update. I spent a few days at Johnston Chapel, my sending church in WV, ran down to Greenville SC to see my brother and my stuff in storage there, arranged for moving things from both places, then drove up to Harrisburg PA May 15.  The Lord led me to a wonderful apartment in the town of Camp Hill, that is less than 10 minutes from ABWE IHQ in New Cumberland. I am learning that the greater Harrisburg area is identified as being on the “west shore” of the Susquehanna River, while downtown Harrisburg is on the “east shore”. There are some great churches in the area that I am enjoying visiting. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in choosing my church home, so crucial to feeling “at home” here!  There is even a Russian-speaking church in the area that I hope to visit soon. I enjoyed conversing in Russian with a lady from that church who volunteers at IHQ.  In two weeks, I was able to make my apartment livable before starting work on June 3. My first two weeks were a whirlwind of meetings, introductions, orientation to IHQ, doing medical interviews with new short-term missionaries, and starting to learn what all my new role entails. So much of the time, I felt like I was groping through fog!  Thankfully many IHQ colleagues have experienced similar transitions and have been very supportive. This past week I felt more functional and productive.  Please continue to pray for this transition as it just takes time to work through all these high-impact changes.

In Ukraine, Holly and her medical team just got back to Odessa a few days ago from serving war survivors in Donbass. Eight patients received Christ as Savior!  I will be meeting with Holly by Skype soon and tell you more about it next time.

Hopefully, this letter whets your appetite for more to come and shows how greatly I need your prayers!

My new mailing address is 2710 Stone Gate Circle, Camp Hill PA 17011.
My internet phone number does not change: 864-248-4845, and I can answer that on my cell phone.
My current cell phone is 304-952-2701, but that will be changing soon when I switch to the ABWE account.

Clinging to The Rock,
Miriam Wheeler, MD

ABWE Medical Director and ABWE-Ukraine Medical Ministry Founder/Advisor



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