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Sharing Christ's Compassion in Ukraine
This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses. (Acts 2:32)

Dear Prayer Partners:

What a glorious Resurrection Day!  I hope you have been rejoicing today that we are all witnesses that Jesus is alive, and we serve a living Savior and Lord.  In Ukraine we will celebrate next Sunday on the Orthodox calendar. Please pray that God might touch the hearts of many to come to know Jesus Christ as personal Savior. There will be many evangelistic services on Sunday and Monday, to which we invited all our clinic patients during the past couple of weeks.

We are very thankful for Dr Tim Murphy who served with us for 10 days, seeing patients in 6 different villages. Friday he was in Shurino, where a lady trusted Jesus as Savior when my brother Tom was with us last September. Tim reports that this lady is following Christ, reading His Word, and giving a good testimony of her faith. Praise God! Pray that she will grow in her understanding of God’s Word and in her fellowship with God’s people. Pastor Sasha returns from his US trip Wednesday, so pray for him as he resumes ministry and disciples this lady and others interested in the Gospel.

In March I spent a few hours at our clinic in Kubanka, the 3rd clinic site I started in 1999. It is so hard to say good-bye to patients for whom I have been caring for 20 years!  “Baba” (grandmother) Kilya trusted Christ in New Kubanka about 12 years ago along with her son Misha. He is already in heaven and she longs to go there too. She is nearing age 90 and has no one living with her or helping her regularly. Pray for God to provide her needs and give her peace as she longs to be with Him. Pastor Lonya and I visited several others in New Kubanka, who still need Christ. Then we visited Valya and Musiya, 2 sisters in Kubanka. They moved back to care for their dying mother 7 years ago. Valya was already a believer, but Musiya was quite antagonistic to spiritual things. We helped with their mom, encouraged them, developed a good relationship. Lonya and I took them through “The Story of Hope” several years ago, which solidified Valya’s faith. Musiya has visited our Sunday afternoon services often, but she hasn’t been ready to accept Christ as Savior.  I talked to them about their medical questions, then Valya asked me How can Musiya repent?  Wow! I turned to her then and asked her if she wanted to pray to receive Christ. I posed several questions and she responded in faith and understanding of the Gospel!  Valya went out to find Lonya who was talking to their neighbors. Then we prayed together and Musiya prayed simply and beautifully, begging Jesus to forgive her of her sin. And He did!  What a blessing for my last visit there. Pray for Pastor Lonya and our brothers who lead the ministry in Kubanka as they disciple her in her new faith.

Tonight, my church in Krasnosyolka held a special farewell fellowship for me. What fun to reminisce together, laughter and tears intermingled, as we viewed photos from the past 20 years of ministry and rejoiced in God’s blessings. Patients were there from Krasnosyolka and Kubanka clinics; others from New Kubanka and Shamanovka sent their greetings. We gave thanks for the special relationship they have with my sending church Johnston Chapel who has sent many teams to aid our ministry. A small group still meets in Shamanovka every Sunday evening, where at least 6 patients trusted Christ in that village of just 50 people. It is a joy to serve our living God who still changes lives!

I have been in numerous meetings the past few weeks, explaining clinic logistics, teaching medical principles, transitioning leadership of various ministries, helping to organize seminars. April 6 was my last meeting with my clinic staff as director. I shared Psalm 18, how the Lord is my Rock. We reminisced over many memories of past clinics, pushing vans out of snow and mud, patients improving and learning, seeing the Lord’s care for us.  In my next letter, I will focus on “Choose Life”, but I do want to report one huge answer to prayer. Pastor Igor Kucher of Grace Church agreed to become our next chairman of the Board of Directors!  This is a new epoch in our organization’s history, and we rejoice in future potential under his leadership.  Stay tuned for more to come. God is at work!

I fly out of Odessa May 3. I am in the throes of sorting, packing, tossing stuff, giving away things, tearful farewells, major transitions. Keep praying for my health, which continues to improve. God is faithful through it all! 

Clinging to The Rock,
iriam Wheeler, MD,
ABWE-Ukraine Medical Ministry Director and ABWE Associate Medical Director



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